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Ease Your Surgical Experience with Clinical Hypnosis

You may have seen videos of people having surgery with hypnosis as the only anesthetic; they appear alert, comfortable, and smiling throughout. You do not have to go this far to experience the benefits of hypnosis with your upcoming surgery! How hypnotizable you are affects which phenomena you will be able to achieve, yet the more you allow the hypnosis to work for you, the more you can indeed expect it to help you. Even moderately hypnotizable individuals can dramatically improve their surgical experience using hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Surgery

Hypnosis has many applications to surgery, from decreasing anxiety and pain to enhancing healing, from enhancing the anesthesia to enabling the patient to become an active participant in the procedure, from decreasing complications and medications to decreasing hospital stay. And the research exists to support each of these claims!

Focus on the Positive

Hypnosis is not magic; it is a way of focusing your attention and enhancing your concentration. Prior to surgery, you wish to be focused on the positive aspects of the upcoming process--how it will help you to feel and/or look better. You wish to be focused away from any concerns you may have about needles, hospitals, pain, pills, etc. You wish to relax and get ready for what is to come with a positive outlook. During surgery you wish to be focused on allowing the surgeon to do his job unimpeded by excessive bleeding and your bodiy's many defenses against the intrusion of surgery, you wish to maintain stable vital signs, and again, you wish to allow the procedure to go smoothly and achieve when it has set out to do. After your surgery, you will enjoy being focused on feeling comfortable, having a good appetite, and allowing yourself to rest and recuperate.

Improve Your Outcome

Hypnosis is an effective tool for achieving clear focus on the types of thoughts that can dramatically enhance your outcome. Sometimes people choose to have a recording made that they use several times a day before, during, and after surgery; though in studies, surgical patients show dramatic improvements in outcome with even a brief hypnotic experience prior to their surgery. And surgeons are often remarkably cooperative in allowing patients to take their recordings along. (note: it is often necessary for your earbuds to have no metal on them.)

Feel Comfortable and Calm

Many aspects of your surgical experience can be enhanced using clinical hypnosis. Pain and fear are often the first things people associate with surgery. Luckily, they are two phenomena that respond readily to clinical hypnosis. Your body creates pain sensations to prevent you from injuring that surgical site. Using hypnosis, you can distract your attention from the site of the operation while still maintaining impeccable self-care. You can also use your hypnosis to reassure yourself deep within that your surgeon will do or has done an excellent job of caring for you, and that you will heal splendidly.

Help Your Doctor Help You

Another thing that many people particularly like is that it turns out you can hear while under even a general anesthetic, so you can be an active participant in the outcome of your surgery. What fun to inform the anesthesiologist that because you are using hypnosis to enhance your anesthetic, he or she should please invite you to lower or raise your own blood pressure before attempting to correct it with medication! Your hypnotic preparation will also help you to come out of the anesthetic feeling more alert and comfortable than you could possibly have imagined, ready to have that juice the staff is encouraging you to consume to prove that you are okay!

Tolerate Needles Calmly

Perhaps what you are anticipating with trepidation is one of the more common minor medical procedures such as blood draws, injections, or sutures or dental work; you feel anxiety just thinking about them. Hypnosis can help you to learn to tolerate aversive procedures of many sorts when they are necessary to your well being.

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